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 A big thank you to Russell for taking part in our charity raffle and making it possible to win a DVD box set of his TV series The Diceman! 

   Russell's families fury friends Hugo & Henry :) 

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Russell Harris perhaps is best known for Discovery Channel's The Diceman, a unique travelogue with a cult following around the world. Inspired by Luke Rhinehart and his many books, the revolutionary TV series has proved to be a huge success all over the world and continues to influence the lives, in no small way of many thousands of people, by showing how unpredictability is good for the soul. 

Russell and camera man Shaun set out on a random journey, guided only by the whim of their little green dice: with no means of transport, just a small budget and a bag of essentials, this was a journey into the unknown! Documenting their story on video, they spent three years on a voyage of discovery like never seen before or since - travelling over 18,000 miles, through such places as Poland, Iceland, Holland, Germany, the British Isles, Denmark, Ireland, Greenland, and the USA.

Russell is also very well known for Radio, winning two prestigious Sony awards and hosting TV productions. 

There seems no end to Russell's adventure for life, challenging him self and wife Jannette in the mammoth restoration project of The Lymm Water Tower.  

The 19th Century Lymm Water Tower and the modern innovative  extension has become one of the most celebrated Grand Designs builds in the UK .

The water tower project, which is known to be a favorite of Grand Designs guru Kevin McCloud, was converted into a contemporary family home nearly 20 years ago and has won many awards including finalist at the 2006 Grand Designs awards.